By Mitch Sklar, PE MBA 
Product Owner/Business Development for Engineering Solutions

With the current release of GT STRUDL 2017, we have a new advertisement and brief technical article published in Informed Infrastructure  May/June 2017 publication - page 15.

"The consideration of accurate seismic and wind load models is an essential step in the process of modeling, analysis and design of the main force resisting system (MFRS) of a structure.

Seismic and wind loads may be difficult to calculate because they are unpredictable, subject to interpretation and at times based on a company’s experience (in-house standards). But there are standard calculations that can provide a good prediction of a structure’s performance based on the code-prescribed recommendations."

For the expanded article, refer to Seismic & Wind Lateral Load Generation for “Other Structures” in Informed Infrastructure May/June 2017 publication, page 15 or

GT STRUDL advertorial May 2017

Please do not hesitate to reach us for any further clarifications, as we look forward to helping you become more efficient & successful in 2017.