Tutorial - Workshop in Turkey (Oct 16, Istanbul)

Advanced Computer-Based Static, Pushover and Earthquake Analysis and Design of Nuclear Power Plant Turbine, Boiler, and other Heavy Industry Steel Building Structures, and The Extreme Danger of Computers in Civil Engineering Practice


Leroy Emkin

Organized by: Dr. Leroy Emkin


The workshop was re-scheduled and the new location is Crowne Plaza Hotel Istanbul ( Oct 16th)


The purpose of the workshop is to:

1. Achieve an advanced level of understanding of the proper and ethical use of computers by structural engineers who are involved in the modeling, analysis, and design of nuclear power plant structures in particular, and other heavy industry structural systems in general. Emphasis will be placed on the nonlinear static analysis (including Pushover analysis), rigorous earthquake response spectrum analysis, linear and nonlinear time history analysis, and maximum response harmonic analysis of such structures. Procedures will be presented for solving large nonlinear analysis problems including their potential serious engineering time and cost consequences, large Eigen solution problems, and solutions for structural dynamic response associated with rigorous response spectrum earthquake analysis, time history analysis using both mode superposition and direct integration methods, maximum response harmonic analysis, and steady state harmonic analysis. Special attention will be paid to the correct interpretation of nonlinear static analysis and dynamic analysis results for structural design purposes. GTSTRUDL Version 32 which is widely used in the nuclear power and nuclear defense industries of the United States will be used to demonstrate the procedures presented in the workshop.

2. Expose the extreme danger of computers in civil engineering practice, and present the quality assurance and quality control procedures that are required to minimize such dangers for both the development and use of structural engineering software when used in the analysis and design of safety critical structures such as those at nuclear power plants and other heavy industry plant facilities.


Workshop is directed to:

Practicing engineers and engineers from industry that want to get familiar with the earthquake analysis and design techniques of Nuclear Power Plant Structures.


Hand-Out Materials to be Provided to Attendees:

  1. Handouts of the presentations.
  2. Examples in electronic form.
  3. Fully functional version of the Student Edition of GTSTRUDL (a model size limited version).
  4. Post processor software for steel structure design according to Turkish Standard TS 648
  5. Certificate of attendance awarding 8 Professional Development Hours (PDH’s)


How to participate Date: 16 October 2012

16 October 2012

Crowne Plaza Hotel Istanbul – Harbiye

Registration: send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.