GTSTRUDL 2020 Release

We would like to inform you that GTSTRUDL® Version 2020 (39) has been officially released and distributed to customers having an active maintenance contract.

The new version, 2020, includes the latest version of CAD Modeler and Report Builder in the same license and CD, at no additional cost.

Most important features of Version 2020 are:

  • The welcome screen has been redesigned to show all options in a single page, including news and GT STRUDL Help using modern interface design techniques
  • 64 Bit Implementation: GT STRUDL is 64 bit now! Allows handling of large models as well as performance improvements
  • Advanced interoperability with CAESAR II
  • A new design code for the Chinese National Standards GB 50017-2017 has been implemented. The GT STRUDL code name is GB-2017
  • As per AISC Design Guide 29, Appendix D, three new GT STRUDL commands with the TRANSFER CONNECTION keyword have been added for connection design
  • GT STRUDL 2020 is ISL. Intergraph Smart License (Software Lock) has been added to GT STRUDL 2020


Most important features of CAD Modeler are:

  • Specify steel design parameters for AISC14, EC3, IS800, CSA-2014 and all other codes
  • Define Seismic Loads and Wind Loads using a similar form with GT Shell
  • Automaticaly Crete Standardized Combinations
  • Convert lines and polylines to members and shell elements through the utility “DXF converter”
  • Use Model Wizard to create and import the model to CAD Modeler
  • Split Members to Crossing Members, after being placed


The full list of new features and error corrections can be found in the Release Guide of the 2020 Version and Getting Started Guide of CAD Modeler

Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.