Customized Applications

Customized Application Development – High quality, user friendly and functionality according to your needs.

STRUDL Europe develops technical software, according to your company’s specifications. The software design and development are according to analytical specifications, taking into consideration the requirements of each specific project.

Customized Applications which are developed from STRUDL Europe:


custom 1

Development of graphical interface for GTSTRUDL

Company: Intergraph - Hexagon, U.S.A. (2014, 2015, 2016)


custom 2

Software development for the strength analysis of specific structural system

Company: CrossWise, Cyprus (2014, 2015)


custom 3

Application development for the creation of construction plans according specific standards using current software

Company: Liontos & Associates, Greece (2015, 2016)


custom 4

Software development for the strength analysis of PVC connections (Plexiglass) under hydrostatic pressure

Company: Black Sea Resorts LLC., Georgia (2015, 2016)